My kids are among the first students of The Banyan Kids track out camps which then became coaching sessions later. More than just academics, these sessions focuses on general knowledge, character education, financial management etc. For example, at a recent physical, my pediatrician was amazed at the information the girls talked about human body with her.. Position of diaphragm, liver, pancreas, lungs, stomach etc. She called them future doctors.  My girls can list all the U.S. Presidents in history. They ask me to turn the handle of my pan on the stove to point to the side so that I do not get hurt. I owe a big time to Vineetha and the time she spends with them. My eldest will be in 5th grade next year and I am not sure if Vineetha will extend beyond elementary, but I wish she continues to have my daughter in her classes just for the extra knowledge she gains apart from academics.

In short, I take this opportunity to highly recommend her classes for your kids.